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Auction & Real Estate Services

A professionally conducted Metzger Auction will net a higher return for your property. Our expertise in marketing real estate and personal property, backed by over 40 years of auction experience, and thousands of successful auction sales, is unsurpassed in the auction industry.

Our experienced auction crews conduct all types of auctions; whether it’s an estate auction, antiques auction, farmland for sale, household goods, farm equipment auction, guns sale, commercial liquidations, or a real estate auction, we will provide you with a top quality auction experience. We feature full-time professional auctioneers and staff allowing you to relax and enjoy a pleasant auction experience, while we do all the work. Over the past 40 years, our auctioneers have developed marketing strategies and auction techniques that can help assure you a profitable return from your auction.



  • Farm Sales
  • Recreational
  • Residential
  • Personal Property & Estate Auctions
  • Gun Auctions
  • Farm Equipment Auctions
  • Antique Auctions
  • Traditional Real Estate Sales
  • Appraisals

Digital Bid Boards

The days of the dry erase marker boards are dead at our auctions. We have designed a digital projection system that allows us to quickly and accurately show the current bids to the prospective bidders in the room faster than ever before. No waiting on the board operators to erase, re-add and re-sort combination bids.

Our computer system instantly updates the screens to show the lead and subsequent combinations. No one can do this with the precision and speed that we can. This helps keep bidders engaged in the process, which leads to more bids for you!


Auction Technology

In the modern era, technology is vital when it comes to marketing your property. Metzger Auction is leading the way in auction day innovations.

Auction Technology = MORE DOLLARS

In addition to the normal email and social media marketing, we utilize technology on auction day to generate more money.

Digital Mapping Systems

Metzger Auction utilizes a digital mapping system which makes it extremely easy for bidders to follow.

Bidders can easily follow what combination are in the lead and what opportunities are on the board that might meet their needs. It also allows us to query potential opportunities bidders might not have considered. This leads to increased dollars for our sellers.

Digital Clerking System

Metzger Auction utilizes auction software which allows us to efficiently work through check in and check out of buyers along with quick clerking and final settlement.

Along with a state-of-the-art mobile auction trailer for many of our personal property and equipment sales, Metzger Auction utilizes digital auction software which allows us to efficiently work through check in and check out of buyers along with quick clerking and settlement of you auction.


Online Bidding System

We have developed our own online bidding platform that will allow bidders from anywhere in the world to bid on your property and have a real time auction experience. The online bidders can see, hear and follow what is going on in the room just the same as the bidders in attendance.

All online bidders are prequalified and screened to make sure they are qualified legitimate bidders. We have left no stone unturned when it comes to providing bidders an opportunity to participate in your auction!

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For more than 40 years now, Metzger Property Services has been a one stop property shop with a staff of experienced, helpful professionals prepared to meet all your needs. We have 11 fulltime auctioneers on staff, 3 Realtors, an appraiser and a professional crew ready to help you with your property. Our goal is to provide the most ethical, comprehensive, and professional service available.