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Bid now through Wednesday, September 28 , 2022! Lots begin ending at 5:30 pm!

Open house/inspection:

Pickup at 3361 N 200 W Rochester, In. 46975 on September 29 , 2022 – loadout will be by appointment only! Exact times and a link to sign up will be emailed with your invoice.

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Bid now through Wednesday, September 28 , 2022! Lots begin ending at 5:30 pm!

Pickup at 3361 N 200 W Rochester, In. 46975 on September 29 , 2022 – loadout will be by appointment only! Exact times and a link to sign up will be emailed with your invoice.

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Bid now through Wednesday, September 28 , 2022! Lots begin ending at 5:30 pm!

Pickup at 3361 N 200 W Rochester, In. 46975 on September 29 , 2022 – loadout will be by appointment only! Exact times and a link to sign up will be emailed with your invoice.


Lot # Title

9 Allis Chalmers metal sign 12x18

10 Allis Chalmers G with one row planter, hyd,  Runs well

11 Johnson Seahorse 3 outboard motor

20 Ford 2x 3pt Plow

21 6ft 3pt grader blade

50 Pie safe with punched tin panels 46x53x16

51 Hoosier style Kitchen cabinet 40x26x68 with flour bin

52 Pyrene brass extinguisher

53 Louden Hay claw cradle with tag, includes mini hay bale

54 Oil lamp and bracket

55 Colt .38 special Police positive revolver

56 Remington .38 Special ammunition 45 rounds Remington, 5 rds Peters

57 Winchester 8 rounds 16ga. Shotgun shells

100 Fruit baskets

101 Enterprise tinned meat chopper

102 Mole traps

103 Wood crate and fruit baskets

104 Aluminum mailbox

105 Corona chopper and Universal grinder shell

106 Metal pie safe 15x12x24

107 Copper kettle, RA Hunter scale, copper wall pocket

108 West Bend Aluminum pitcher, enamel pitcher  and Wear Ever aluminum skillet

109 Tie out weight

110 Cheese boxes and fruit baskets

111 DeLaval Oil can

112 6” Black & Decker bench grinder

113 Crock bowl and bottle

114 No 0 Baldwin cast Iron pot with liner

115 Crock jug, crock with chip

116 Crock bowl 9”  with crack

117 Crock jar and crock 6”

118 Crock jug 10x9

119 Crock 8x7 with chip and crack

120 Haeger planters

121 USA 810 Planter

122 Milwaukee hole saw kit

123 Cast Iron kettle

124 Hand saw assortment

125 Spreader shaves

126 Bolt cutters

127 Quickcet vise

128 Hand scythe, cleaver, hand drill

129 Padlocks, knobs, dominoes, checkers, metal scale pan, pot handle

130 Casters

131 Hilti DX400

132 Chicago Electric hammer drill, hand saw, plane, screw drivers

133 Child’s chair 10x10x21

134 Weather vane

135 Table 23x16x26

136 C clamps

137 Organizer, drill bits, weights, fasteners

138 Socket sets, jig saw blades

139 Tap & die set, socket set, screwdriver sets

140 Wrench assortment

141 Sockets and rachets

142 Pipe wrenches 18, 24, 14

143 SAE Wrenches

144 Riveters, rivets, hog rings, ring pliers, fittings

145 Key assortment

146 Hammers, tree saw

147 Drill bits, plane, wire brush, sockets

148 Crimpers, taping gun

149 Wood levels

150 Wall hangers, cast aluminum oil lamp hanger, weather vane arrow

151 Wishing Well Bank

152 Enamel bowl, Lord Mott Oyster can

153 Glass beaker nesting set

154 Double flare tool, no 10 rigid pipe cutter, clamps, no 3003 wrench, Chemicals, casters, brace,miscellaneous

155 Craftsman drill grinding, Level, pry bars, corks, buffing pads, abrasive strippers, miscellaneous

156 Shelbyville table missing drawers and needs repair 48x30x30

157 Singer treadle sewing machine

158 Toolbox and contents

159 Smoke Hollow grill

160 Martin Stamping & Stove Propane heater

161 License plates

162 License plates

163 Pulley and hooks

164 Electrical boxes, PVC pipe fittings

165 Stanley 18ga nailer

166 Milwaukee angle drill

167 Milwaukee, Skil,Porter Cable circular saws, AHS Drill

168 B&G well pump

169 Hitches and balls

170 Hitches and balls

171 Galvanized bucket and license plates

172 Milwaukee drill

173 Milwaukee drill

174 DeWalt sander

175 Chair and stool

176 Swing 61”

177 Vases

178 Pressed glass vase and jar

179 Chimneys

180 Chimneys

181 Draw knives

182 Wood pulley

183 The American Standard Corn Jobber

184 Hutch top 40x10x40

185 Oil lamp

186 Oil lamp 20”

187 Oil lamp 18”

188 Oil lamp 17”

189 Oil Lamp 18”

190 Oil lamp20”

191 Lamp with no shade, 3 hobnail white glass globes

192 Glass bowl, pitcher, jug and vase

193 Glass jars, bell, footed bowl, decanter and green vase

194 Light fixture globes and glass shades

195 Health o meter scales

196 Copper bowl, tins, boxes, miscellaneous

197 Magic seal pressure cooker

198 Coca-Cola, Pepsi, RC bottles and plastic Coca-Cola holders, Glass jars, jug, porcelain plate, miscellaneous

199 Barrel bungs

200 Sieve and pestle, funnels, colander, lunch pails

201 Kitchen utensils, oil lamp mantle

202 Kitchen utensils and assortment

203 Slicers, spatula

204 Knives, rolling pins, stove toaster, miscellaneous

205 Chopper assortment, spiral slicers

206 Hand beaters, whisk, Mashers, mallets

207 Scissor assortment

208 Hot Wheels and assortment

209 Church keys, bottle openers, can openers and assortment

210 Utensil assortment

211 Cookie cutters, cake decorating tips, miscellaneous

212 Sad irons and trivets

213 Silver plate teapot, Brass pitcher, brass vase, brass soap dish, brass waterer, brass pitchers, brass candle holder,

214 Trivets

215 Saw blades

216 Cast iron waffle iron, pot holder, Sunbeam iron, honing rod, doll ironing board

217 Pipe clamps, bike seat, miter box, squares, plane

218 Brushes, hammer, mallet, screwdrivers

219 Brace assortment, drill bits

220 Hand saws, brace, hammer, hooks, picks, miscellaneous

221 Pantograph, tools, miscellaneous

222 Shoe forms

223 Files, screwdrivers

224 Folding chairs and GF table 24x36x30

225 Allen wrenches and tools

226 Buttons, candy thermometer, replacement chair cover, spoons, candy mold, miscellaneous

227 Sifters, food mill, ricer, sieve and pestle, miscellaneous

228 Graters and strainer

229 Hammer assortment

230 Canning jar tongs, openers

231 Knife assortment

232 Knife assortment

233 Cast Iron corn cake pan  includes Wagner

234 Cable, wire, metal sheets,

235 Desk chair

236 Jack

237 Engine stand

238 Wood cabinet 14x14x30

239 Christmas tree stands, planters, wire milk crate

240 Pipe threading equipment

241 Rope and fruit basket

242 Zinc canning lids

243 Canning cap assortment

244 Canning jars with bails, Glass canning lids

245 Canning jars assortment Hazel Atlas, Drer, Knox, Mason

246 Canning jars with bails and some glass lids

247 Canning jars with bails and some glass lids

248 Ball jars

249 Ball mason jars and assorted canning jars

250 Glass jugs

251 No 16 Cherry stoner

252 Enterprise cherry stoner

253 Goodell cherry pitter

254 Genwood chopper

255 Apple peeler

256 Apple peeler

257 Universal Food Chopper

258 Cherry pitter

259 Universal food chopper

260 Keystone food chopper

261 Universal food chopper

262 Universal food chopper

263 Connecticut food chopper

264 Adding machine

265 Aluminum pots and regal griddle

266 Aluminum coffee pots, West Bend Stainless teapot

267 Oneida Tudor plate, tea kettles, cast iron tea kettle

268 Extension cord

269 Extension cords

270 Coil nails #6x1 1/4”

271 Coil nails #6x1 1/4”

272 Coil nails #6x1 1/4”

273 Tool assortment

274 Plier assortment

275 Molds, tools assortment

276 Weather vane parts, hanger, lantern, miscellaneous

277 Hammers, mallets

278 Metal stakes

279 Acar tow bar

280 Generator

281 Wood boxes, tins, metal boxes

282 Tool assortment, Steel fish tape, chemical assortment, hooks, DC power adapter, power strip

283 Wire, hardware, bits, sockets, wing nuts, miscellaneous

284 Hardware assortment

285 Screwdrivers, outlet covers, hardware, miscellaneous

286 48” light assembly, electrical assortment

287 Milwaukee drill

288 Milwaukee Sawzall

289 Bostitch nailers, pulleys, lights, padlocks, miscellaneous

290 Metal box, powder paint, toolbox,

291 Staplers and fasteners

292 Cannon Primers wood box

293 Bucket, wire

294 Metal washboards

295 Creepers

296 Fulton office furniture desk 36x26x31

297 Table 41x31x30

298 Extension cord and shop light

299 Extension cords and jumper cables

300 Pick axe, limb trimmer, rebar, broom, sprayer, miscellaneous

301 Pitch fork, shovels, hoe

302 Pick assortment

303 Hoes, level

304 Shovel, rake, sledge hammer

305 Sprinkler, shovel, broom, pitch fork

306 Shovel, hoe, trimmer, concrete float, miscellaneous

307 Edger

308 Trimmer

309 Planters, buck saw

310 Axes

311 Ball jars

312 Ball jars

313 Canning jars

314 Canning jars some with bails and glass lids

315 Canning jars with bails

316 Canning jars

317 Canning jars with bails

318 Canning jars

319 Canning jars

320 Canning jars

321 Canning jars

322 Canning jars with bails

323 Canning jars with bails

324 Canning jars

325 Canning jars

326 Granger pipe tobacco tins

327 Shelf with glass bottles and jars

328 Metal cake carriers and granite roasting pan

329 Contents of cabinet

330 Pie safe 43x15x54

331 Pop up canopy 10x10 lots of wear

332 Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles includes Dale Earnhardt bottles, sewing assortment

333 Character glass tumbler assortment

334 Hazel Atlas white glass containers, Fire King mugs, Corning ware, souvenir plates, Uservo milk bottle, miscellaneous

335 Bottle assortment

336 Metal cabinet 24x11x63

337 Milk cans

338 Propane tank, ice fishing box, wood box, wood crate

339 Coal bucket and tools

340 Fire extinguishers, bait canteen, shop light, battery charger

341 Cheese boxes, cigar boxes, tins

342 Wrenches

343 Wrenches

344 Wrenches

345 Wrenches

346 Chisels

347 Wrenches

348 Wrenches

349 Cement tools

350 Pipe wrenches

351 Lug wrenches and assorted tools

352 2 ton trolley jack

353 Cots

354 Wire milk crate, tins

355 Light fixture, wire basket, planters includes McCoy, tools

356 Light bulbs

357 Oul cans and funnels

358 Milk strainer/seperator

359 Wrenches, chisels, punches, playing cards, miscellaneous

360 Drill bits, pliers, miscellaneous

361 Soldering guns, horseshoes

362 Weights

363 Brushes, planters, light

364 Buckets, rope, sponge, fabric sheets

365 Cast Iron skillet

366 Enamel coffee pot

367 Cast Iron skillets

368 Favorite Piqua Ware cast Iron skillet

369 The Progress bottling company bottle

370 Ammunition box

371 Wagner no 5 cast iron skillet

372 Raco aluminum tea kettle

373 Aluminum ware pitcher and tumblers

374 Enamel coffee pot, pewter coffee pots

375 Christmas decorations

376 John Deere oil can, garden dust, garden tools

377 Lionel train set and Fisher Price tray

378 Tins

379 Hatchets

380 Cast Iron skillets

381 Wagner and Wapak cast iron skillets

381a Advertising Yardsticks and stirrer

382 Oil lamp bases and light fixtures

383 Tins, matchbooks, miscellaneous

384 Hammers, nail pullers

385 Hand saws

386 Hay knife, Hand Saw, hammers, tools

387 Hand saws

387a Hand saw and metal dollies

388 Tire pump, files, cane boot scraper

389 Scales, hand saw, drill, hammer

390 Roasting pan

391 Hay hooks

392 Coal bucket, tire pumps, popcorn poppers

393 Paper dispenser, hay hook, hand saw, rasp, hay knife

394 Hand scythe, lug wrench, tire pump, horse bit, strainer, corn cutter, corn huskers

395 Rug beaters, rackets, pulley, funnel, curry comb,

396 Plane, ice tongs, hand scythe, hand saws, nose lead, gauge

397 Breast drill, hay hook, wood pulley

398 Hay trolley

399 Ice hook, pulley

400 Drill and cast pot

401 Scrapers, sad irons, chicken catchers, rug beater

402 Galvanized watering can

403 Cream can

404 Rope and pulleys

405 Hand seeder, pulley, torch

406 Beam drill

407 Light fixture

408 Watering can, clothes dryer

409 Wood pulleys

410 Pulley, stomper, cream skimmer

411 Single tree, husking pegs, cant hook, chain break

412 Hand saws, vise, square

413 Double tree, muzzle, drill

414 Double tree

415 Metal Quad tree

416 Insulators on cross beam

417 Double tree

418 Propane tanks and tote bags

419 Crowbars, wire, cane, swivel seat

420 Scythe

421 Frog gig

422 Gas cans and mower flap

423 Single and double tree

424 Doors with brass fixtures

425 Hay cradle

426 Howe platform scale

427 Spreader

428 3pt hitch boom

429 53x96"single axle trailer, no title

429A 225/60R/16 used tires

430 Steel T post

431 Electric fence rod

432 Roto tiller

433 Brute 2500 PSI power washer

434 Milk can

435 Garden cultivator

436 Hay trolley

437 15"screw jack

438 2 1/2 x12 screw jack

439 1 1/4 x 8 screw jack

440 1 1/4 x 10 screw jack

441 1 1/4 x 8 screw jack

442 Jack stands and chain

443 Car ramps

444 Garden seeder

445 Log chain

500 Sled

501 Pink depression saucers and cups

502 Pink depression bowl and planter, dish

503 Divided plate and dish pink depression

504 Plate assortment, pink depression some chips

505 Pink depression plates and sherbet

506 Carnival dish

507 Depression shaker set

508 Pink depression

509 Satin glass and blue vase

510 Green depression juice and glass basket

511 Green depression cookie jar

512 Chippendale plate and glass bowl

513 Footed lavender bowl and candy dish

514 Green depression glassware

515 Blue glass assortment

516 Pottery custards and plate

517 Geo. R. Howard bottle

518 Miller's dairy, Culver, IN bottle

519 Amber glass fairy lamp and shaker

520 Hen on a nest assortment

521 Hen on a nest

522 Wood and porcelain tea pots

523 Garrett's gallon bottle and refrigerator glass

524 White glass assortment

525 Ceramic birds

526 Ceramic owls

527 Hobb nail and grape patternwhite glass

528 Ceramic bird figures

529 Ceramic birds

530 Westmoreland bird on a nest

531 Gold wheat pattern bowls and tea pot

532 Marble egg and duck

533 Ceramic music boxes

534 Dish assortment

535 Juicer

536 Ceramic music boxes

537 Glass pitchers

538 China dish assortment

539 Pattern glass cake plate and cups

540 Westmoreland covered dish

541 Dish assortment

542 Clear glass assortment

543 Bone white

544 China assortment

545 Decorative cake plate

546 Pattern glass assortment

547 Patten glass assortment

548 Pattern glass assortment

549 Pattern glass assortment

550 Large pattern glass pitcher

551 Ceramic assorted pieces

552 Clear glass bowls

553 Clear glass

554 Wall art

555 Brass tray and souvenir spoons

556 Ceramic figures

557 Porcelain figurines

558 Marble egg, painted glass hanging and misc

559 Wall oil lamp

560 Shakers and pottery assortment

561 Royal crown Ford ironstone pot

562 Granite plate and China assortment

563 Wall decor and handkerchief box, Rochester, In wood carved figure

564 Boyd's bear

565 Linen and doily assortment

566 Pewter candle holder with snuffer and serving piece

567 Hand painted wood eggs

568 Ceramic rabbits

569 Scottish lunch box

570 Presto jar lid, hood ornament,  coasters and remembrance basket

571 Ceramic ducks

572 Cake/pie carrier

573 Pocket knives

574 Stanley line levels and folding ruler

575 Hanging oil lamp

576 Porcelain ducks

577 Pie/cake carrier

578 Wood block plane

579 Bottle assortment

580 Silver plate assortment

581 Vase assortment

582 Hand painted glass Bolivia

583 Ship in a bottle

584 Double serving dish

585 Longaberger baskets

586 Apple peeler

587 Kodak camera and film

588 Glassware assortment

589 Hammered aluminum servers and tin

590 Cast iron cars

591 Tea pots

592 Pewter pitcher

593 Battleship heavy cast pot

594 CopperTea pots

595 Coffee pots

596 Steam pots and pitcher

597 Enamel pot

598 Wagner cast aluminum pot

599 Apothecary and ink bottles, misc

600 Old literary books

601 Marble assortment

602 Glass jugs

603 VFW American Revolution vol III

604 Thread and thimble assortment

605 Avon anniversary book 1886-1936

606 Fulton Co book school song book

607 Soft drink can and bottle assortment

608 Oil lamp

609 Glass jar

610 Record assortment

611 Zenith Turntable

612 Cup and saucer display

613 Blanket rack

614 Stuffed bear assortment

615 Home decor

616 Antique and collectibles guides

617 Records and holders

618 Twin size quilt

619 Quilt 66x77"

620 20x32x40" desk

621 Scool desk

622 Comforters

623 Afghans and throw

624 Afghans

625 Metal baby bed

626 Antique trunk Germany

627 Jar assortment

Terms & Conditions

Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. All bidding is in US Dollars (USD). Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire). $5 MINIMUM if you would like to pay with a Card. Any invoices paid with a card that are less than $5 will be rounded up to meet the minimum requirement. Statements made sale day take precedence over all other printed materials. Your credit card on file will not automatically be charged following the auction. You may pay with cash, check or card (4% convenience fee for any type of card) when you pick your winnings up at our specified time and location for the auction listed above. IF YOU DO NOT COME TO THE LOAD OUT TIME LISTED ABOVE, YOUR CARD ON FILE WILL BE CHARGED FOR YOUR PURCHASE TOTAL PLUS THE 4% CONVENIENCE FEE. There will be a $5 DECLINED CARD FEE added if the card on file must be charged and declines.
Items not picked up during the scheduled load-out times will be charged a $10 convenience fee (per invoice) for delayed pickup.
If you do not come to the load out time/day listed, your card on file will be charged for your purchase total plus the 4% convenience fee. 
If your purchase must be hauled by Metzgers, there will be a minimum of a $20 service fee added to your invoice.
Buyer is required to bring their own packaging, help to load and/or equipment for loading.
If the card on file declines the buyer will be blocked until payment is received. Your balance due MUST be $0.00 before your account will be reinstated.
Items not paid for after 10 days will be resold.
Items not picked up within 10 days will be resold at new owners expense, even if paid for.
 Pickup will be September 29, 2022 by appointment only! Your invoice will be emailed to you when the auction closes and will have pickup information and exact times attached! Book a pickup time slot via the link in your winning email!
** If you do not receive an email please check your junk mail! If you are unable to do so call the Office to schedule your appointment! 260-982-0238.
Shipping is available on small lots. Buyer is responsible for paying for items in full prior to being allowed to pick-up or have items shipped. Shipping costs include cost of shipping plus a $10 minimum S&H fee . Buyer is Responsible for all Shipping/Handling Charges incurred including fees charged by delivery service for incorrect addresses. For out of state buyers with an invoice total of $500.00 or greater, we may ask that funds be in a certified form with either a Certified Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire).   We will email you if need to pay in this manner when we send your invoice.

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